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Friday, 2017-08-18
Our factory
Information and images of our factory in Sweden

*** Click here to see photos of LLENTAB steel buildings in Ireland! ***

In line with the philosophy to reduce waste of energy, Scandinavian Homes Ltd. is constructing a new super-insulated production building in the harbour city of Lysekil, Sweden.

The building is a slightly improved standard lightweight steel hall by Llentab AB of Sweden. The construction is similar to the two sports-halls already built for St Mary’s college in Galway and St Flannan’s college in Ennis. With Llentab’s system of hydraulic erection, the speed of construction is impressive. The schedule for building a total floor area of 1000 m2 with an internal height of 6m looks like this:

10 Sept 2004
28 Oct 2004
8 Nov 2004
15 Nov 2004
22 Dec 2004
Applied for planning permission
Excavation starts
Pour concrete foundations
Start erection of steel building Llentab
Ready to move in

Energy performance:
The energy-rating of the building outperforms all Swedish and European building regulations with good margins. With an outside temperature of –15C° and an interior minimum allowable temperature of +15°C we expect to have a total energy demand of maximum 15W/m2.

Component Insulation U-value
Window section

The first PASSIVE HOUSE production line in the world.
Scandinavian Homes Ltd. seem to be the first house manufacturer in the world to offer system-built houses that meet the full PASSIVE HOUSE standard as defined by the PASSIV-HAUS INSTITUTE in Germany. Since we first presented the PASSIVE-HOUSE upgrade package in the spring of 2004 we have been inundated with interest for this concept. In the new building our production-capacity will be improved to meet the increased demand for low-energy and passive houses in the Ireland.

The worlds first PASSIVE HOUSE made in a factory.
In February 2005 the first PASSIVE-HOUSE will be made in the new factory to be shipped to Galway, Ireland. The world’s first SYSTEM-BUILT PASSIVE-HOUSE will be made available for viewing by the public from March 2005.

Excavation and fill. The area is levelled with 150mm broken stones and 6-32mm clean broken stones. The "hump" is made up of 16-32mm stones.

Foundation with insulated base units around the circumference and 100mm
polystyrene insulation and steel.

Click the above image to download high quality PDF version of plan.

Detail of corner showing first of concrete, steel and floorheat.

The 120mm thick concrete slab is poured. See floortraps for showers and
other waste pipes.

Steel construction continues rapidly.

Entire roof lifted one section.

The building is lifted another section. This picture taken on December 10th shows the progress after four weeks of construction.

The ceiling and light fittings were installed before the building was lifted.

External view.

External view (2).

Interior view.

Peter, Rolf and Svante with a Nordic wall.

Coffee room in the factory.

Gable wall

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