Passive house built in 1860!

Irish passive house specialists in Sweden

Flaherty and Goaley’s team of expert builders from Galway joined us in Sweden for the summer to renovate our old merchant building in the coastal town of Lysekil. We have brought the exterior appearance back to 1860 and added external insulation to both walls and roof. We could not access the ground floor to add extra insulation, so our heat-losses might be so large that we miss the passive target of <10W/m2 peak-heat.

The new windows are super-insulated NorDan windows. They are completely traditional in look, feel and material-usage, no poisonous PVC or soul-less aluminium used.

External upgrade insulation light-beams where 170mm of Rockwoolisinstalled

Flag-pole initiated

After two months of very enjoyable renovation work we can now see how successful the transformation back to 1860 is. Everybody we have talked to in the street are overwhelmingly happy to see the qualities of the local traditional being reborn. This did take some effort and research. Old shapes and dimensions of timber were used.

Organic coldpressed linseed oil

Most important, while working, we pre-treat all timber with deep-penetrating organic raw linseed-oil from Allbäck paint. After that the entire house was painted with natural linseed oil paint. No pressure-treated timber, no artificial paints, only well-proven traditional methods and materials.

Timber panel in perfect condition after 150 years. Only linseed oil paint


The original wooden panel on the north side of the house withstood the test of time well. Behind 15 layers of old linseed-oil paint, the timber- panel was as good as new after 150 years.