A green roof in Ireland works very well, but perhaps not with the same plants used in Germany and Sweden. We used a simple roll-out lawn. This changed to a beautiful moss-roof within a year. This roof is now 15 years old and it works perfectly. The roof is of standard Scandinavian Homes construction but with 22mm sarking instead of the 17mm used for tiled and slated roofs. An additional fully covering rubber-membrane, Platon-mat, geotextile and a layer of stone-wool for keeping the moisture is the formula. Waterproof and protected from the sun. It needs to be ventilated underneath just as all our roofs are. With 200mm of insulation, vapour barrier and regular plasterboard inside. The garage is warmer than most peoples houses….

Grren roof Scandinavian Homes style

Green roof Scandinavian Homes style

Garage with green roof in November

Garage with green roof in November garage partly underground




Why freeze? Live in comfort. Independence.

Do not fool yourself, if it is not done right it will not be right! A good house needs to be good and reasonable. Simple rules apply and this is where we can help.Firewood Storage Shedstove

Scandinavian Homes can provide you with a high-performance house where you can live in comfort indefinitely without dependence on others. The recipe:

* Passive house
* Small stove for space heating (most of the heat comes from passive gains)
* Place to dry firewood in advance (turf works well too!)
* Good solar system that works in the winter for the majority of hot water used ofer the year.
* Heat-recovery ventilation-system for ventilation and heat dispersal

Bend 90 degrees connect to spiro duct with two selftapping screws


A few sticks of firewood are all it takes to heat the house in the winter. This actually works if you have a reasonably sized passive house.

Why live in discomfort in a large ice-cold cement house when you can have real comfort in a house that is warm in every room?