External timer: Clean, let it dry and re-oil with Jupex 45 chineese oil.

Raw linseedoil, Jupex 45, wooden tar, Jupex varnish and pigment for low energy houses and passive houses

Raw linseedoil, Jupex 45, wooden tar, Jupex varnish and pigment.

-External wood: Pressure-wash, let it dry completely, apply one of the oils with brown pigment to saturation-point. Advice: Mix in some wooden tar in the oil to make it smell like a real Viking longboat, this prevents black spots too. Not to be confused with tar from stone-coal, the wooden tar is light and runny, it is made from sap-rich pine. The modern grey look you get from mixing brown, black and white pigment in the oil.

Wooden garage treated with pigmented Jupex 45 chineese oil. Customer mixed brown, black and white


-External doors: Sand it even with 220 paper. Apply oil to saturation point, this mean

External door stain Jupex oil and varnish 9 years old at Scandinavian Homes showhouse.

s perhaps 5 times, add pigment to oil so it becomes almost like a paint, apply thin and wipe off until surface is perfect smooth and all small cracks are filled (Not too thick!)-Windows: Sand with 220 sandpaper, apply pigmented oil to
saturation + apply pigmented Jupex varnish. It is the exposure to sun that cause the aging of paint and varnish on the south side.

If you try to keep that wooden appearance, simply replace the paint (pigmented oil) with clear Jupex varnish. (should be lightly pigmented with the brown pigment)

Countertop with Jupex 45 protective penetrating oil

Countertop with Jupex 45 protective penetrating oil

-Kitchen counter-top maintenance, beech or oak: Scrape it, sand it with 220 paper, oil with Jupex 45 to saturation-point. (This is the best treatment we have ever heard of, way better than other methods!)