Hi all and sorry for such infrequent updates.                                                                  We are too busy building new houses is the excuse.. ..

Newsletter #13 is out, and I attach it here for all to see:  Newsletter No 13, May 2018   


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Here all new houses are shown first. This May we will reach a total of 310 houses built. Most of them in Ireland. Here are a few pictures of the construction of house #307;

35° roof, plastered exterior, slated roof and part of walls to make house appear smaller.              Two balconies and one veranda at the front.                                                                                      Recessed sliding glass sections protected from the sun to prevent over heating. 

House #307;    Draget 244;   Large 2.5 storey house designed by our customer.                                Built by Scandinavian Homes in Salthill, Galway


Draget we call a two -storey Hibernia in our internal language.                                                                  This one has a converted attic as well, so we have 3 floors in this roomy family home.