HOUSES BUILT DURING 2018- 2019- 2020 HOUSE #312 TO #327

Many new Scandinavian Homes passive houses are being built all over the country now.  Below you can see some pictures.

We plan to open our office for limited number of visitors in a few weeks. Meanwhile, email or ring us to plan your own new passive home.

Atlantica 41 planning exempt extension as grannie flat attached to a Hibernia 164

#312  Atlantica 41

Built as a grannie-flat adjacent to an older Hibernia 164.

Timber exterior single storey with 30 degree roof pitch.



Atlantica 131 traditional cottage.


#313  Atlantica 131

Single storey. Vaulted ceiling in main body and large L-extension

Atlantica 131 traditional barged gables with vaulted ceiling in main part.









Nordica 94 with adjoining garage. Timber framed super passive specification.



#314  Nordica 94

40 degree roof with converted upstairs and garage attached.



Baltica 122-45 with single storey grannie flat in the L-extension. Super passive.



#315  Baltica 122

45 degree roof with upstairs and single storey L-extension used as a grannie-flat.



Hibernia 189 single storey with recessed veranda with wooden cladding. Super passive specification.



#316  Hibernia 189

Single storey super-passive family home with recessed veranda featuring wood cladding.

Kitchen in a passive Hibernia 189






Hibernia 154 passive house


#317  Hibernia 154-35 open layout with mezzanine upstairs.

Hibernia 154 partially open to upstairs mezzanine






Super passive Nordica timber framed house with new high walls and extra specious upstairs.



#318  Nordica 115

New higher walls withing higher passive truss gives a very spacious upstairs at minimal cost.


Baltica 90 normal roof with traditional features built next to an old farm-shed.



#319  Baltica 90

Built together with old farm-shed. New high wall for very spacious upstairs.




Baltica 99 single storey passive home. Includes a small L-extension as a warm entrance porch.



#320  Baltica 99-35

Single storey with traditional entrance porch. Part of the heated envelope





Welcome back another day to see more recently built passive houses by Scandinavian homes:

#321  Nordica 125 passive 3 bedroom house.

#322 Nordica 135

#323  Atlancica 136

#324  Hibernia 138

#325  Atlantica 61

#326  Baltica 108

#327  Nordica 125