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Our showhouse viewings and presentations are available every Wednesday at 15:00. 

Extra showhouse with presentation Sat 17th Sep at 12pm.

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The Scandinavian Homes concept builds on modulated production. All our timber frame passive house builds are constructed to the same quality levels and standards.

We offer 4 series of houses, the difference between these is just the width of the body. These can then be built to any length in increments of 1200mm (1.2m). You could theoretically order a house that is only 1.2m long. The passive house design can be altered with roof pitch, bungalow/converted attic or two-story designs as well as with various features.
All our passive house designs and plans can be changed and customized.

See some more of our plans here and example prices here




Atlantica Series  6.1m

Baltica Series  7.9m

Nordica Series  9.1m