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Our showhouse is closed for the summer break but will open again in early September. Our office and construction are operating as normal so please contact us with any queries and for additional information.

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House types

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The Scandinavian Homes concept builds on modulated production. All our timber frame passive house builds are constructed to the same quality levels and standards.

We offer 4 series of houses, the difference between these is just the width of the body. These can then be built to any length in increments of 1200mm (1.2m). You could theoretically order a house that is only 1.2m long. The passive house design can be altered with roof pitch, bungalow/converted attic or two-story designs as well as with various features.
All our passive house designs and plans can be changed and customized.

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Atlantica Series  6.1m

Baltica Series  7.9m

Nordica Series  9.1m

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Hibernia Series  10.9m

Traditional style

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Two-storey versions

Two-storey houses

A true two storey passive house like the Skagerack 250 is made from two single storey Nordica 125 on top of each other.  All single-storey house types can be built in two-storey versions and a converted attic can be added to them all. The two-storey types correspond to the single-storey versions as follows: Atlantica is called Utklippan in two storey version, a single storey Baltica becomes Kattegatt, Nordica becomes Skagerack. The wide-bodied Hibernia becomes Draget in the two-storey version. Thanks to pre-manufacturing it takes only marginally longer time to construct a two-storey house. Recently we have built several 2.5 storey apartment buildings containing up to 6 apartments in one body.

Height of external walls

The internal height of the external walls is standardized to 2590mm for all single storey houses. For houses with converted attic the external walls are 2950mm in height to allow for a special truss that gives 2500mm height for downstairs and additional height upstairs. It gives extra height in the passive converted attic. It also reduces timber waste in the construction of the external and internal walls.

Standard or increased roof-pitch

All houses must have increased roof pitch to make an attic conversion possible. In order to achieve an internal raw height of 2500mm both downstairs and upstairs the Atlantica and Baltica Series roofs are raised to a pitch of 45°. The Nordica roof pitch is increased to 40° the wide-bodied Hibernia to 35°. To suit local traditions, we can adjust the roof pitch for any house.

Timber or plastered exterior

All houses can be built with either plaster or timber external finish. The standard plastered version has a wall that is identical to the timber version, but with the timber skin replaced by a silicate-fiber sheet installed in our factory with stainless steel fixings. The lightweight plaster system always installed by us. With the coloured-through modern silicate plaster very little maintenance is required. The optional timber cladding can be vertical or horizontal. However, due to planning restrictions most customers opt for the maintenance free plaster versions.