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Our showhouse viewings and presentations are available every Wednesday at 15:00. Closed July & August.

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Traditional style2017-10-10T18:43:43+01:00

While many people are attracted to the warm and spacious interiors of Scandinavian houses they would prefer the exterior to have a more traditional Irish look. So what is a traditional Irish look? An Irish cottage with thatched roof and whitewashed walls and very small windows could be considered to be the most widespread traditional house-type. Is it possible to create a modern, spacious and ecological house while still retaining important cultural elements? The house must be opened up to embrace the light and heat from the sun on the south (east & west as well!) elevation. The important solar-gaining windows should ideally be incorporated into the design so as not to disturb the traditional ethos. This can be achieved by choosing a house shape appropriate to the specific location.

Traditional Nordica with 40 degree roof pitch

There are certain features which we believe lend a house a traditional appearance. By incorporating some of these in the design of the house you get a traditional house with a modern twist.

  • Simple classic proportions
  • White plastered exterior
  • A steep roof-pitch 35-45° with
  • real slates or flat black tiles
  • Windows of traditional proportions with painted wooden frames
  • Barged gables coming up above the roof
  • Careful positioning of windows and doors
  • Closed entrance porch with the door sheltered from the prevailing wind

Baltica 82 traditional, passive, with 45° roof pitch and porch extension

Traditionally, the orientation of a house was of prime importance. The prevailing wind, the path of the sun and the micro-climate around the house was all carefully considered. This is still important and must be taken into account when planning the interior layout of a house. As can be seen on the computer created pictures the Traditional series of houses look traditional. To make this credible, the internal layout, to a certain degree, has to be dictated by the external look, at least on the side of the house facing the road. Another drawback is that the short roof-overhang gives no protection from the high summer sun and overheating in summer can occur if the windows are not blocked with curtains.