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Our showhouse viewings and presentations are available every Wednesday at 15:00. 

Extra showhouse with presentation Sat 17th Sep at 12pm.

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The buying process:

When buying from Scandinavian Homes we like to be as transparent as possible and deal with the customer directly without too many middlemen making the process complicated and expensive. Our customers are generally interested and knowledgeable in our concept, having read our instruction manual which we send to perspective buyers.

Each house is different and tailored to the customer, this includes the overall design and the materials included as a kit if the house is not being finished by us.

How to build a passive house

The general steps involved in buying from us can be seen below:  (varies customer to customer)

Step 1:

Study the Catalogue, pricing and our website   

Become familiar with the house sizes and what suits your budget. Read the pricing section and see to what level we can finish your house. If you already have a design in mind email it to us at

Step 2:

Visit our Passive showhouse in Galway   

Get a feel for the quality and atmosphere of our houses and learn about how they work. Discuss your requirements and receive some more drawings and prices. At this stage we usually send customers our instruction manual. This explains in detail how the house is built, what is required by the customer and what how local contractors can finish the house outside of the Galway area.

Step 3:

Design and put your ideas to paper   

Get a rough idea of the house you want, modify existing designs, sketch something new or s