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Our showhouse viewings and presentations are available every Wednesday at 15:00. Closed July & August.

How to find us…

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How we work: We provide a “foundation & shell + kit” where almost everything needed to finish the house is provided, from drawings and instructions to timber and tape.


All designs are custom and drawn by the customer together with our architect.

Passive house quote

Foundation & shell + kit:

We build an insulated raft foundation and provide a fully erected shell with a 90% complete kit of materials needed to finish the house.

The shell is fully sealed with windows & doors installed, cladding installed on the outside and roof felt with battens on the roof.

What we always do:

  • Foundation
  • Complete shell, with windows and cladding installed
  • Exterior plastering
  • All drawings

Price info:
Contact us here for detailed price information.