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Thursday, 2024-05-23
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Welcome to our Research pages

We have developed this section to display information about research projects involving Scandinavian Homes buildings and also as a platform where students and researchers can contact each other and perhaps develop further ideas together.

Eventhough we are a commercial business our company is very interested in developing further ideas to improve the energy performance of houses in Ireland and/or the UK. Please also find suggestions for projects on the 'Ideas' page.

This section is under constant development so if you have any suggestions for improvements please don't hesitate to contact us.


2017-10-16, We have not done much research lately. We are busy building and refining our houses.

One recent change is that in 2016 we switched over from "wet" solar to PV-panels (photovoltaic panels) that generates electricity rather than hot water. "Wet" solar with seasonal store in large water tanks still works but since the PV panels have come down in price we consider them a better option. The main reason is that they are so simple and long-lasting. No moving parts, no pumps, no valves, no glycol, no risk of overheating, no risk of freezing, no maintenance, the list goes on.

In the summer it is difficult to use up all electricity produced. The surplus is always feed into the national grid. In all European countries the utility companies pay for this power except in one country - guess witch? With PV- panels on the roof the power needs to be used as it is produced to give the owner any benefit in Ireland. We hope for a change of the rules in Ireland so we can be paid for the micro generation of power soon.

In the future batteries to store power could become a good option. But we think lower prices are needed. Unclearities around the source and recycling of the rare-earth metals used in manufacturing of the batteries. Today, �Teslawall�, and similar seem to be more of a feel good factor for a few wealthy green washers rather than a realistic alternative for everybody.

2012-09-18, newly released papers on the results of the solar seasonal store project

2012-03-21, new dedicated page for our involvement in the EinStein Project

2009-07-21, new dedicated page for our solar seasonal store project

2009-06-19, new images of our solar seasonal store project


Scandinavian Homes - Research