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Heat, plumbing, shared facilities;
Heating: In the yard adjacent to the grey house, there is an insulated technology room with a Nibe F1155 ground-source heat pump with an accumulator tank. This provides heating and hot water to both houses.

Each apartment has water-borne under-floor heating with controls in each room. In addition, there is a thermostat controlled electric floor heating cable in each bathroom. Tap water, cold and hot; the municipality charges the association for cold water, the water can be measured individually for each apartment and can be charged by the association to each apartment if desired.

Electrical: The association has a subscription for heat pump, pumps and courtyard lighting. Each apartment has its own electricity bill for household appliances (including ventilation unit and electric bathroom floor heating).

Multimedia: In each apartment there is a special multimedia cupboard with prepared cables for connection of internet service providers. Cabling is drawn from this cabinet to each room of the apartment.