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Staircase: Solid wooden staircase with simple banisters and handrail where required, painted with green linseed oil paint.

Balanced ventilation with individual HRV unit fitted in each bathroom. The ProAir 100 unit has an efficiency of up to 90%. Exhaust and incoming outdoor air are connected to large ventilation hoods that are disguised as traditional chimneys on both houses.


Exterior doors: NorDan with large window in clear glass.

Lock: safety lock with matt chrome handle model 1956.

Windows: NorDan wooden windows, side-hung outwards. All have 48mm thick triple glazed glass cassettes with double low-emission layers and argon creating extremely quiet and well-insulated windows. Note: old-fashioned window hooks.

Letterboxes and rubbish bins: A regular mailbox for each apartment mounted on the wall of the grey house.

Space for waste bins.

Brf Fars Hatt 37, Västra gatan 52 D-I 442 31 Kungälv

Hus 1 Rear building containing two apartments (läg1&2) 1=52E 2=52D
Hus 2 Front building containing four apartments (läg3-6) 3=52F 4=52G 5=52H