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What is a heat recovery ventilation system?

All our houses are equipped with heat recovery ventilation systems. The principle of a heat recovery ventilation system is simple: air is removed via the extraction vents in humid “dirty rooms” such as kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and utility rooms and used to heat fresh incoming air as it leaves the house. The fresh air is then supplied through vents to living spaces, bedrooms, living rooms etc.

This means that every two hours all air inside the house is exchanged with new fresh air.

This is particularly important in a passive house due to the very high level of air tightness and focus on energy efficiency.

Passive house ventilation buy ventilation system

Air quality/indoor climate:

With the heat recovery ventilation system, the whole house has a pleasant and healthy indoor climate all year round. The temperature and relative air humidity stay extremely stable throughout the year, the humidity is stays between 40-60% even in the most extreme damp and dry weeks of the year. These are ideal conditions for humans and critical for people with asthma or related conditions.

The fresh air supplied into bedrooms also leads to an improved sleep quality with a number of benefits, read more about this here. Another bonus of a good indoor climate is that bathrooms dry out immediately after baths/showers and newly washed clothes dry inside within hours or overnight.