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Wednesday, 2015-06-03
282 houses built since 1991 - 1454697 visitors
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Open House

Showhouse open for viewing every Wednesday 15:00 - 18:00 (Closed for holidays July 1st, 8th and 15th).

Extra viewings: Sat June 6th 12:00 - 15:00.

Please send an email to info@scanhome.ie if you have any questions before you come.

The house is located on the intersection of the N59 and the Barna road – behind the wall of granite boulders.

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passive house
#288 Nordica 111 with 40° and extra 0.6m wide body. Located near Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath.

passive house
#287 Baltica 81 traditional single storey house, plastered with barged gables and 30° roof. Near Westport, Co. Mayo

passive house
#286 Nordica 125 with L-extension as entrance, built in Moycullen, Galway.

passive house
#285 Baltica 185 built near Claremorris, Co. Mayo 35° roof. Silicate plaster and stone cladding with barged gables.

passive house
#284 Skagerack 265 passive plastered in Galway

passive house
#283 Skagerack 188 passive timber clad, near Stockholm

More previous houses built (click here for photo gallery)...

Providers of Swedish pre-manufactured low-energy and passive timber-frame houses, affordable prices, very cheap to run
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Passive house time lapse video in Wicklow Read Jim Tattersall's Blog about constructing his Scandinavian Home Read Jim Tattersall's Blog about constructing his Scandinavian Home

We are based in Galway, Ireland, and operate all over the country since 1991. We have built 282 houses.

-Energy-efficiency is our main emphasis and here our Swedish building methods and traditions play a large role. High levels of insulation and an airtight buildng envelope in conjuntion with ventilation heat-recovery systems and triple galzed low-emission-argon filled glass are important factors.

-Passive upgrade option was made available in 2004 and since 2006 most houses built to "PASSIVE-STANDARDS". This is the strictest energy performance standard in the world.

-We have built our factory in Lysekil, a small town on the Swedish west-coast. Located close to the sources of dense quality wood and other components. Our modular wall-sections are manufactured here, in a dry and clean environment. Our system allows up to 200m2 houses to be shipped on one single trailer. This is a very cost-and-energy efficient way of production and shipping.

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Quick links
Hibernia 201, single storey, 30° roof pitch and plaster finish
Scandinavian Homes
Baltica 127 with L-extension, plaster finish, converted attic and 45° roof pitch

-Healthy and sustainable. Simple natural materials and modern components taking advantage of the latest Swedish research. We avoid complex composite materials that are full of glues and other chemicals in order to create healthy and sustainable houses.

-Any layout possible. Each house is different, developed and designed in partnership with you. We help and advise with design and orientation to suit the local climate and solar conditions.

-Ventilated external walls keep the dampness away from the structure. Rendered fiber-silicate board is rendered with silicate colored-through plaster system. Alternatively timber cladding can be used.

Kitchen of a Baltica 081
See the Traditional Houses page for information on our range of completely traditional looking Irish houses.

Scandinavian Homes

Scandinavian Homes
Hibernia 214, single storey, plaster finish, 30° roof pitch, superpassive specification, built in Co. Galway

Scandinavian Homes
Hibernia 164 with 35° roof pitch and timber cladding

Scandinavian Homes
Kattegatt 182 two-storey, plaster finish and 30° roof pitch passive specification, built in Co. Kildare

Scandinavian Homes
Hibernia 201, passive, with plaster finish and 35 ° roof pitch

Sustainable Ireland
The Local Planet

The Village

Formerly Construct Ireland

Energy expertise

We use super-windows by NorDan
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Passive House Conference 2015

Our own Dr Colclough will be a speaker at the 2015 International Passive House conference in Leipzig, Germany.

Click here to

See the Light 2014

See the Light 2014

Friday 7 November
2014: 8:30 - 18:00
2030: Achieving Intelligent Energy Balance

more info here...

passive house open days

International Passive House Days

Our showhouse is open for viewing on these days, Sat, 8th Nov, 12.00-18.00

more info here... 

See the Light 2013 Conference on Friday 25 October 2013

Update: Lars Pettersson's Renovation with passive ambitions as shown at DIT is now available here.

Prof Wolfgang Feist, founder of the Passive House Institute, will speak at the conference along with our own Lars Pettersson.

Click here for more info...

The Flaherty and Goaley team of passive house specialists erected this passive apartment-building in 3 weeks. Three storeys and a large basement with a living area of 304m2. Follow the procedure here:

and here:

visit us on Facebook... Check out the Scandinavian Homes Blog...


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