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Brf Fars Hatt 37, Kungälv

Västra Gatan in Kungälv is one of the most idyllic and well-preserved urban environments in Sweden. This 972m2 site extends far up the south-facing Fontin hillside behind the houses. In the past, the cabbage grown here could be harvested 14 days earlier than on the plain below.

There is plenty of space for urban cultivation on the sunny slope near the old refurbished underground store-room. The development of this site was an opportunity to combine the traditional with the latest in low-energy construction.

Together with Bohuslän Museum, we have adapted two brand new buildings in scale, material and colour to this unique environment.

We used a traditional design-language with traditional materials such as wood and linseed oil. The attic has 60cm cellulose insulation made from recycled newspapers. There is practically no composite materials, only real wood everywhere.