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The site was originally part of a larger site belonging to the yellow 18th century house next door. Johan Tauson, an apothecary, moved here in 1828 and there was apothecary in operation here until it moved closer to the square in 1927.

A wooden store-house with it’s gable to the street was demolished in 1962. It seems to have been used as a store for the oats which were exported to England and Norway starting in the 18th century.

In the book “Det gamla Kungälv”, the store is mentioned as a place where the crushing and mixing of herbs and medicines for the apothecary took place.

Behind the store-house was a house (1890-2016) where there was a shoemakers up until the 1960’s. This house was in an advanced state of decay and has now been replaced by a residential building.


”Photo and map from the archives of ”Kungälvs Musei Vänner”