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Ceilings are plastered and painted with white linseed oil distemper paint except the bathrooms which has linseed oil painted wooden panelling.

Walls: T&G natural timber covered with plasterboards on 45x70mm timber studding, painted with off-white linseed-oil distemper paint. Rockwool insulation in all partitions.

Floor: 200mm wide oiled and waxed rustic oak parquet. The oak floor is continuous throughout all the apartments without unnecessary level differences in terms of thresholds. (Except for bathrooms)


Architraves and covings: hand-painted on site with white linseed oil paint
Skirtings: 21x145mm with skirting-blocks;
Architraves: 21x95mm
Covings: 21x95mm swan neck
Inner doors: heavy white-painted GK door (model Rakel)
Handles: brushed stainless steel handles